Family Pic

Hi, I’m Jessica.

I am a former 7th grade teacher on an indefinite leave of absence while I raise my wild and spirited little boy, Milo, and hopefully other little humans to come.

My husband, Brad, is the most patient person I know. I’m the least patient person I know. I think we make a good pair. Together we’re navigating this parenthood thing and cheering on the Utah Jazz.  

I love house plants, chocolate in all its varieties, watercolor painting, our local library, and my husband’s long curly hair (especially when he rocks the man bun; I go weak in the knees).

I’m passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I like to write; it’s my outlet. Sometimes I wish working out was my outlet, but alas, sumo squats just aren’t as therapeutic as getting my thoughts down.

I founded The Transparent Typist with a mission to candidly express what goes on in my mind and how I connect with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope you’ll follow along!



The “Transparent Typist”